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Senior IT Positions

When it comes to senior IT employees, we know that our clients are looking for a fine balance between technical expertise and great leadership qualities. Our extensive networks across industries ensure that we have access to the most influential leaders in IT. In addition to our headhunt-oriented contingency search service, we are able to offer retained search and named approach services by arrangement.

The team at Black Swan Technology understands that senior IT professionals expect more than just an excellent search service. This is why we periodically organise sector-specific networking events, peer group lunches and roundtable discussion/debate events; offering our clients and candidates opportunities to build their professional networks and discuss current issues with peers who can offer fresh perspectives.

We work with senior IT leaders in various positions, including:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief User Experience Officer
  • Chief Automation Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Applications
  • Head of Platforms
  • Head of Development
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Head of User Experience

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